New album sessions

27 May

Today we enter the studio to start recording the new album! We’re going to try and get the live stream working at so you can hang with us. However, we’ve got limited 3G connection down there, and no wifi yet, so it might not run as smoothly as we’d like. Keep your fingers crossed!

We’re going to do it like we’ve always done it – DIY style. We’ve got our own studio and our own gear and we’re going to keep creative control over the whole recording process. We’ve toyed with the idea of taking in an external producer (and we might still do that for a song or two if need be) but after spending three years working on the last album we really know our sound and how to get the best results in the studio. We’ve hired our good friend and guru Per Björling to help out with setting up the drum mics, though. For the last album we recorded “Irreplaceable” and “Mindset” at Eastman Studios here in Stockholm and that drum session sounded best by far, so we’re striving to make this new album in the same fashion. If you listen closely to The Striped Album you will hear there’s a difference. It was quite tricky to get three different drum sessions sounding homogenous, but I think it turned out quite well in the end. Recording the drums is the most crucial part of the recording process so it’s important that we get it right straight away. Last time we had to scrap a whole session because of phase issues (such noobs, right?!) and start over from scratch. But it was just as well ’cause we weren’t completely happy with the arrangements anyway.

Well, we’ve got 15-odd songs to nail so we best get crackin’!

See you in the dungeon! 🙂

// Joey


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