The CD is out!

18 Jan

Yesterday we released the physical edition of “The Striped Album“. We had a great release party at Lilla hotellbaren in Stockholm where we played a short live set. Also on stage was the great band Pennebaker.

If you live in the EU and want to get a hand on the CD, go to and place your order! You will get the download immediately upon purchase.

Fans in Spain will be happy to know that we’ve landed a licensing deal with Rock Indiana Records there who release the album in February. We’re also planning on going down there to play some shows this spring. More details on that soon.

In Japan the album will be released by Thistime Records. It will be out there on February 2, and it includes no less than four bonus tracks!

In the US, Kool Kat Musik are distributing the CD, and those who buy it directly from their webstore will get an accompanying bonus CD with previously unreleased tracks (some different from those on the Japanese edition).

So there’s lots of great stuff going on at the moment! Happy trails everyone.

// TGF.


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