Essential powerpop albums #5

11 Jun

The next must-have in this powerpop album collection is Jellyfish‘s masterpiece “Spilt Milk” from 1993. I only just got into the band a few years back, having missed them completely throughout my youth for some reason. This is a true gem, and the last of the two albums that Jellyfish released before they disbanded in 1994. It includes the epic song “Joining a Fan Club” which is a tribute to the music fans, collecting 8x10s and putting up posters on the wall. The song is built up in the same way as “Stairway to Heaven” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, consisting of many different parts merged together in one huge masterpiece.

This is yet another album you’ll be hard-pressed to find any flaws on. Andy Sturmer (lead singer/drummer/main songwriter) worked meticulously for a long time to finish it, at a tremendous cost for the record company. But the result speaks for itself. Tunes like “Bye, bye, bye”, “Sebrina, Paste and Plato”, “Glutton of Sympathy”, “New Mistake” and “The Ghost at Number One” hit you like a brick in the head with intricate arrangements and crisp production. For those of you who are vocal harmony junkies, you will find that Jellyfish will give The Beach Boys and The Beatles a run for their money any day. Now run down to the record store and get a tangible copy of this album, you won’t regret it. Happy listening kids!

Here’s a live performance of “Joining a Fan Club”.


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