Pearl Jam revisiting the past

22 Apr

Right now I’m redescovering Pearl Jam. It’s one of my all time favorite bands and I’ve followed them since I was in junior high. They were the band that got me hooked on the Seattle scene that subsequently led me onto powerpop through The Posies. Last month they reissued their monumental debut album “Ten”, repackaged, remixed and remastered. I always thought that their first album sounded a bit dated, unlike their other albums that have withstood the test of time a lot better. Well, they seem to have felt the same as they brought in Brenden O’Brien (who engineered and mixed their finest albums – Vs., Vitalogy, No Code and Yield) to work through the old master tapes and give the songs a well needed facelift. Do youselves a favor and check out “Ten – Redux”. I’d recommend getting the edition that comes with the previously unreleased MTV Unplugged on a bonus DVD. I taped it on my VCR back when it was first aired and watched that ’til my eyes bled! To this day, Pearl Jam are still relevant and they keep releasing albums that are interesting – something that can hardly be said for most bands that came out in the early ’90s.

Pearl Jam - Ten Redux


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