Ebbot strikes again

31 Mar

Ebbot – the fantastic vocals of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – has done it again. A few days back I browsed through my music library to find some easy listening music for Molly Fake and re-discovered the fantastic album ”Bröderna Lindgren – Vuxen Barnmusik”. The nostalgia for us Swedes that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s is quite intense; just check out the album cover.

Bröderna Lindgren - Vuxen Barnmusik

The guest list on this album is amazing; except for the Lindgren brothers the following stars has joined the line up: Kristofer Åström, Ebbot Lundberg, Swedish Tiger, Nina Ramsby, Martin Hederos, Mattias Alkberg, Vanna Rosenberg, Swing, Caroline Wennergren Asha Ali.

My favorite track is the second song on the album – En flugas väg (eng. The Path of a Fly).

Check out the album on Spotify or visit the band website on MySpace.


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