Another fakin’ week!

8 Mar
dear blog reader,
I’m really looking forward to some upcoming gigs in the near future!
to bad I can’t tell you more about it, cos one is yet to be comfirmed. latest news on that at the official Genuine Fakes site!

spent the weekend with a dear friend listening to some old vinyls and drinking “Eau De Vie” (I’d call it swedish blue collar brandy).
we enjoyed the re-discovery of all sorts of music ranging from Leonard Cohen to David Johansen. even got a bit of Roxette and Billy Idol in there… on Saturday we also managed to pay a visit to the fabulous Monk’s Café for a bit of kriek, ale and stout. Thanx for visiting, Hank!

also, reading the most recent post from Tommy Fake, I recognized the old Spinal Tap trio from yet another great mockumentary,
A Mighty Wind from 2003.

finally, here’s “Cypress Hill Lyric of the week”:

shit, I still stand tall
with tha hill clan, ya’ll
better stand back – niggaz ’bout ta fall
I’m comin’ out blastin’ like Yosemite Sam
get tha cheese n’ tha bread for tha ham…


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