15 Feb
time to get this blog going!
last weekend I nailed the remaining bass tracks for TGF songs “Star”, “Blind Commitment”, “Whatever Comes Your Way” and “You Always Come Back Home”. the session was acutally set in the rehersal studio for practical reasons. It all went really well!

I’ll be staying in this weekend. resting, reading and most apparently blogging. as Joey went south (Småland) on friday we’ll pick up the studio work again on tuesday.

(current playmate)

i’d like to end this post with a very special feature of mine:

“Cypress Hill Lyric of the week”.


So I gotta maintain my direction
What I mighta gained without my protection
Not a damn thing, so when I come just bring that new style, break ya off like a chicken wing


So you can just suck my c**k
Like a fat blunt, stoned is the way of the walk
When I’m peepin, checkin out the punk-ass creepin
I let the dogs loose then I let the dogs sick em
Graaah! nigga dont make me catch ya, punk
cause I still will be comin’ at ya


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