Dressed for success

5 Feb
The fakes costume not only looks great – it feels great! The key to success is to have the correct shoes, pants, shirt, tie but to really nail the outfit more than clothes is required.

Shoes (a.k.a Fakers).
The shoes that are also known as “Fakers” are the standard Converse All Stars as shown in the picture below.

Fakers - Converse All Star

The pants can be tough to find – a pair of colored jeans in your favorite fake-color (tough to find is a total understatement, which store has yellow pants?!?). Joey wears red, Mårty wears white, Johnny wears blue and I wear yellow.

The tie should be thin and striped in two colors – black and the color of your pants.

Faker Tie

The shirt is a standard short-sleeved fine shirt, pitch black!

Then, to nail the outfit a mustache is required or as our friend Johnny Fake once said:

Never be caught in public with a bare upper lip.
– Johnny Fake – 2007

That will be a cool name for an album…

That’s it for this time folks…


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