Thank You Turku!

We had a great time this weekend with our new-found Finnish friends. The Wonderminers and The Sugarrush put on good performances, and Vesa and Mikko were excellent club hosts. Somehow we just knew that a club called Flavor of the Month would be great! 😉 We hope to be back soon again!

Here’s a little clip of us doing “Irreplaceable”, courtesy of Petri from The Wonderminers.


Fakin’ it in the studio

This weekend we got A LOT done. Actually, for once everything went just according to plan. We managed to nail all the drum tracks on 14 songs! Johnny was on fire and we averaged one song per hour. Even unmixed it sounds killer and we’re confident we will outshine ourselves both musically and sonically with this album. Out plan now is to finish the songs one by one, and not work ourselves through the all songs one instrument at a time like we did for the last album. That way, every song will get the attention it deserves and we believe the result will be a lot better.

Sadly enough, we couldn’t get the live link at to work due to poor network connectivity issues, but we recorded a couple of snippets that you can check out below. We’re going to continue film our sessions and all of them will be uploaded on our YouTube channel and as we go along. You can also check out some of Tommy’s photos on Flickr.

Stay tuned for more photos!