Re-discovering Stars on Mars’ Poster

I recently re-discovered one of my favorite pop-bands – Stars on Mars. I haven’t listened to them since -95 but the other day I just felt the urge to Spotify them… I have only listened to the album Poster that was released in 1993 and I’m not even sure if they have released any more albums or if the band even exists any more. However, the Poster-album is freakin’ great!!

Stars on Mars - Poster

The story of Stars on Mars seems pretty cool. The rumour says that a three song demo was presented to ten record companies, delivered by a babe without appointment but riding a Harley bike. Six companies were interested… Then Micke Herrström produced their album and that is probably one of the main reasons why the album feels so genuinely cool – Micke has been known to produce excellent albums (e.g. Popsicle, The Wannadies, Ane Brun, Thunder Express and Moneybrother).

The songs all match well together but I most enjoy the tracks Marshall Man and Motorcycle Baby. The singers Sophie Eklöf and Helena Jonsson delivers perfect harmonies which closely resembles vocals from the powerpop genre. The overall feeling of the album is definitely a 4+ (on a scale from 1 to 5).

Stars on Mars – facts
Formation Date: January 20, 1992
Record Label: Polar / Polygram
Label Type: Major Label
Band Members: Sophie Eklöf and Helena Jonsson (vocals), Richard Tersaeus (guitar), Torsten Rundqvist (bass), Mårten Skoog (drums)
Influences: T Rex, Abba, Teenage Fanclub, The 70’s
Country: Sweden
Spotify link: Stars on Mars – Poster