The Wannadies – practically every song is a smash hit

I think that The Wannadies is one of greatest bands in the world – I just don’t understand why they didn’t make it even bigger… Practically every song is a smash hit as far as I’m concerned!

I’ve linked some YouTube-clips that are definitely worth checking out. The first is the video for the song Friends which is one of their best songs…

The second clip is this simple but cool video for the song I Don’t Like You.


The third clip is from their awesome song Hit. We attempted to play it once with a cover band but it is seriously difficult to get the guitars and rhythm right. The Wannadies are just so tight…

Just look at their unbelievably cool discography; all of their albums are sooo good!

  • The Wannadies (1990)
  • Aquanautic (1992)
  • Be a Girl (1994)
  • Bagsy Me (1997)
  • The Wannadies (1997) – release for the US market
  • Yeah (1999)
  • Before & After (2002)
  • Skellefteå (1998) – Compilation and remix album

Tune in on Spotify for some excellent tunes by The Wannadies.

Ebbot strikes again

Ebbot – the fantastic vocals of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – has done it again. A few days back I browsed through my music library to find some easy listening music for Molly Fake and re-discovered the fantastic album ”Bröderna Lindgren – Vuxen Barnmusik”. The nostalgia for us Swedes that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s is quite intense; just check out the album cover.

Bröderna Lindgren - Vuxen Barnmusik

The guest list on this album is amazing; except for the Lindgren brothers the following stars has joined the line up: Kristofer Åström, Ebbot Lundberg, Swedish Tiger, Nina Ramsby, Martin Hederos, Mattias Alkberg, Vanna Rosenberg, Swing, Caroline Wennergren Asha Ali.

My favorite track is the second song on the album – En flugas väg (eng. The Path of a Fly).

Check out the album on Spotify or visit the band website on MySpace.

Sara Rumar opens for The Genuine Fakes at The Southside Cavern

We are pleased to announce that Stockholm based Sara Rumar will open for The Genuine Fakes at The Southside Cavern gig on March 31.

Sara Rumar - Single - Stick To Diamonds

Sara has released two albums; Stupid like me in 2006 and Why? Because. When? Now in 2007. In addition to that she recently released the single Stick To Diamonds that you can listen to on her MySpace-page or on Spotify.

  • The Genuine Fakes w/ Sara Rumar
  • When: March 31, 2009 – 8.00 PM
  • Where: The Southside Cavern – Hornsgatan 104, Stockholm, Sweden. T-Zinkensdamm.
  • Map

NUTMEG – not powerpop but truly inspiring

As you may or may not know – Joey Fake plays guitar in the hardcore band NUTMEG. A couple of years ago I substituted for the original keyboard player on their tour in Poland. NUTMEG plays melodic hardcore which is extremely far from powerpop. A big difference from traditional hardcore is the fantastic organ and wurlitzer tracks. I got so inspired by learning the NUTMEG songs that it really reflects on our up and coming album.

NUTMEG transparent
NUTMEG is now on Spotify with their debut album The Trigger. Check it out and listen on the fantastic hardcore tunes and especially the keyboards…

My favorites are Sunday and the fantastic Birthday.

Powerpop on Spotify according to Tommy Fake

Spotify is a wonderful media player for streaming music that is easily searchable and has excellent support for managing playlists. You can find pretty much everything on Spotify!

One of many great things with Spotify is that you can share your playlists with anyone else that uses Spotify. I have created a Spotify playlist that contains a bunch of powerpop songs that are genuinely great!

Let me know if you are missing something!!