New single “Conceited” out now!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary show tonight at Southside Cavern in Stockholm, we’re giving away the song “Conceited”.

“Conceited” is a song that’s been a decade in the making. We began recording it on the day of the FIFA World Cup finals in 2006, and that day was actually the first recording session for us as a band. We laid down drum tracks for most of the songs that ended up on our debut album. However, none of the drum tracks from this first session were ever used since the evolution of the arrangements called for a do-over. This song was one of the ones that we decided to not continue working on at the time. The session was put on a hard drive that’s been collecting dust in a corner of the studio since then…

Fast forward to 2014, when we were invited to contribute a song to a compilation album The Southside Cavern Volume One – a collection of songs from bands who have played at The Southside Cavern over the years. Since the second album wasn’t finished we figured we should go through the archive and see if there was anything there worth revisiting. To our surprise, this track was sounding really great in its raw state and we decided to finish what we had started so many years ago. The result was released on said compilation on 31 January 2015.

Coincidentally, The Southside Cavern is a venue where we have played numerous times, and it is also the place we have chosen to have our 10 year anniversary on 23 March 2016. So, we thought it was fitting to release it as a single on this day. We hope you enjoy it.

Release Announcement: New Christmas Single


Christmas is drawing near, and it’s a semi-tradition for us to put out a new song around this time. This year we are giving you our take on a song from the Disney movie Frozen: “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. As the b-side, we’ve included last year’s “You Always Come Back Home (for X-mas)”, which was previously only available on the CD A Kool Kat Kristmas Volume Two.

The artwork was made by Vincent Vermeij, whose work we’re big fans of. Check out more of his art at

Frost is out now on iTunes and Spotify.



Lossless format is now available through Bandcamp.

Our friend David Myhr presents new single

David Myhr really needs no further introduction, but in case you didn’t know he was one half of the brilliant Merrymakers once upon a time. In any case, he’s a buddy of ours, and since we like him and what he does we thought we’d help him promote his brand new single. It’s called “Looking for a Life”, and if you want want it, just head on over to his Facebook page and click “Like” to grab the free download! It’s also out on iTunes of course, if you feel inclined to spend some money. 🙂 The lyrics were contributed by no other than our hero Andreas Mattsson from Popsicle. It’s the second single from David’s upcoming solo debut Soundshine, due out in the fall – an album guaranteed to blow all you powerpoppers’ minds! (Yeah, we’ve already heard most of it. Are you jealous?! ;)) The first single can be found on David’s Bandcamp page.

Naturally, there’s a video accompanying the summery tune. Check it out below. More info about David’s activities, like mastering the album at Abbey Road with the guy who supervised the mastering of the entire Beatles catalogue for instance (we’re not jealous at all…) can be found at

Glad to have you back David! Best of luck.


Debut album release December 1!

The release date is set! On Dec 1 the debut album will hit your favorite digital store. The full track list is now up at Info on CD pre-orders coming soon.

Right now we’re giving away yet another song – our very own rendition of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”. Go to our music page for more songs.

[bandcamp album=1239580120]

And here’s the album cover:
The Striped Album