Uber Rock reviews Liner Notes

British online magazine Uber Rock says good things about our latest release.

“Swedish powerpopsters The Genuine Fakes follow up their debut release, ‘The Striped Album’, with all the bits they had left over from those sessions – kind’ve like Dr. Frankenstein throwing together a Mini-Me from the slops bucket… for newbies of The Genuine Fakes this EP, or mini-album, is a great introduction to the band and, at nearly 30 minutes in duration, is only a song short of some full-length albums.”

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Onechord.net reviews Liner Notes

Vesa from Finland, author of onechord.net (also co-host of Flavor of the Month which we visited in September) writes nice things about Liner Notes:

“These are not some barely decent tunes that didn’t make the debut album, because they weren’t any good. I think these are ridiculously amazing considering that fact and many power pop groups would have been proud to have written even one of them. While the debut was a loud power pop album best suited for Friday nights, these new mixes might bring some melodic greatness to Sunday mornings as well. “

Read the whole review here.