Hammond- and wurlitzer-tracks completed!!

Today I lay the final hammond/wurlitzer tracks for our planned full-length album. We completed the songs “Whatever Comes Your Way” and “The Promise” so now we basically only need to record the vocals for one more song called “If You Then I” and then we are finished and that feels gooood!
The Hammond organ is a must if you are Tommy Fake

We have been recording for 2+ years now and it seems that we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After these recording sessions we will have roughly 17 complete songs and 5-6 semi-finished songs that we can put on the next album, how cool is that?!?

The next step will obviously be the mixing of these powerpop hits but that will be executed by someone else (which will be announced later).

Rawk with Jack Daniels

Last Thursday The Genuine Fakes performed on the Viking Cindarella cruiseferry together with 4 other bands in the Jack Rocks final.

Jack Rocks is a competition for rock bands. As usual we truly rawked but powerpop and rock are two quite different genres so we did not really stand a chance in the competition against the other rock bands. The worthy winners were instead the Mando Diao-inspired rock band The Fast Forwards >> and their act was genuinely cool.

The event was really nice and we met loads of nice people so hopefully we gained a few fans anyway.

Thanks to Jack Daniels for the support and excellent arrangements.