Powerpop Academy/Thistime Christmas Compilation

Christmas time is nigh, and our record label in Japan has decided to put out a 24-track Christmas compilation this year. Back in 2009 we released our rendition of Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas”, and now it’s going to be put out on CD for the first time. A limited number of copies will be printed, so head on over to the Thistime Online Store and place your orders while you still can.

The CD will be out on Dec 24.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Golden Bubbles – Tiny Hammers Time
  2. The Genuine Fakes – All I Want for Christmas
  3. Greg Pope – Christmas Snow
  4. Phlying Saucer – Over the Moon(ft.Nikki Simmons)
  5. SpecialThanks – Special Christmas
  6. Clueless – Do They Know It’s Christms
  7. The Higher Elevations – All These Winter Nights
  8. The Wellingtons – A Christmas Toast
  9. The Goodtime Dudes(Bobby Emmet & The Schreffman) – We Are The Goodtime Dudes (to say Merry Christmas)
  10. LL Cosmonaut – We Came In Peace
  11. Sugar Crisis – Unwrap Your Heart
  12. Rach and Danna (from The Coincidents) – Winter Wonderland
  13. Dreamboy – Christmas Kisses
  14. NUDGE’EM ALL –  Christmas
  15. Jim Boggia – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  16. Beaufiul Lies – We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  17. The Smith Bros. – Every Day Is Like Christmas
  18. hello! – My Way home Winter Night
  19. Marcus Meston – No Time for Christmas
  20. Mimi Betinis – A Christmas Song
  21. Superfriends – Christmas
  22. Justin Kline – Merry Christmas Katie
  23. Neil Nathan – Santa Claus is Coming To Town
  24. The Sonic Executive Sessions – Christmas Without You

Uber Rock reviews Liner Notes

British online magazine Uber Rock says good things about our latest release.

“Swedish powerpopsters The Genuine Fakes follow up their debut release, ‘The Striped Album’, with all the bits they had left over from those sessions – kind’ve like Dr. Frankenstein throwing together a Mini-Me from the slops bucket… for newbies of The Genuine Fakes this EP, or mini-album, is a great introduction to the band and, at nearly 30 minutes in duration, is only a song short of some full-length albums.”

Read the whole review here.

Onechord.net reviews Liner Notes

Vesa from Finland, author of onechord.net (also co-host of Flavor of the Month which we visited in September) writes nice things about Liner Notes:

“These are not some barely decent tunes that didn’t make the debut album, because they weren’t any good. I think these are ridiculously amazing considering that fact and many power pop groups would have been proud to have written even one of them. While the debut was a loud power pop album best suited for Friday nights, these new mixes might bring some melodic greatness to Sunday mornings as well. “

Read the whole review here.

Liner Notes EP out tomorrow!

Tomorrow, on 11-11-11, our new EP entitled Liner Notes will be released digitally worldwide. We’re super-psyched about sharing these tracks with you and hope you’ll like ’em as much as we do. It’s a collection of a total of eight tracks – seven of which have previously only been available on a US bonus CD and on the Japanese version of “The Striped Album”, and one is a brand new song called “Blind Commitment” that we just finished up last week.

We see this release as the end of the beginning – the other side, if you will, of our debut album. It’s the songs that were recorded during the album sessions but for different reasons ended up not being on the finished product. We did find, however, that those tracks fit very well together as a separate unity and therefore we decided to put them out now so you have something to listen to while waiting for the second album. 🙂 So therefore we sat down and re-mixed all the tracks and then sent them to Anders Hellgren (famous from The Merrymakers) who did the mastering. The result will be revealed on Bandcamp tomorrow, and will subsequently be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

We’ll give you the full story on the songs tomorrow. For now, here’s the artwork:

Liner Notes EP